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Buttermilk Goodness

“Takram Shakrasya Durlabham”….

The nector or ambrosia unavialbe to Lord Indira but availabe to mankind is buttermilk according to shastras. Ayurveda also gives Takra”buttemilk “ a special status, it is mentioned as an agrya ouushadi and is said to be consumed at the end of your main meals . It is considered special as a part of your meal when you are healthy and also a medicine for Kapha vataja disordes with suitable additives .

Acharya Vagbhatta in in sutra sthana has mentioned “bhojanante takram” as an agrya(best practice) . it is a simple solution that will improve your digestive health and maintain your digestive flora.
The gunas or qualities of buttermilk acharya vagbhatta mentions are
Takram laghu Kashaya amlam deepanam kaphavatajit |
Shopha udara arsha grahani dosha mootragraha aruchihi |
pleeha gulma ghritavyapat gara paandu aamayaan jayet || –
Ashtanga Hrudaya Sutra sthana – 5th chapter

It is clear how a simple diluted yogurt after removing the fat is a credible medicinal food .


According to acharya Bhavaprakasha there different constitutions or methods of making takra(buttermilk).

Ghola: This is actually a thick lassi with no water added, just churned yoghurt.
Mathita: Again, this is simply churned yogurt and the cream that rises to the top is removed (this is
possible when the yogurt is cultured out of non homogenized milk )
Takra: 1 part of yogurt is mixed with 4 parts of water.
Udhashvita: 1 part of yogurt is mixed and churned with 2 parts of water
Chacchita: equal parts of yogurt and water are taken and churned well and the butter formed is
removed .

We can now understand how when the kaphakara , srothorodhaka (channel blocking ) yogurt changes its consistency and qualities, it dons its ambrosia status .

Buttermilk according to Dosha:
1. Vatahara Buttermilk : When we use the ghola type of buttermilk with ginger powder , salt and black pepper vata dosha is pacified . We can also make the ghola buttermilk with sugar and cardamom powder to pacify vata dosha .
2. Pittahara Buttemilk : Sweet ghola or udhashvita buttermilk , with sugar or liquorice powder will pacify pitta dosha .
3. Kaphahara buttemilk : Takra which is sour with ajwain , ginger , pepper and salt is kaphahara. Takra which is sour, warmed and taken with mustard powder, turmeric powder and salt is also good for kapha dosha.

As seasons change we can use the suitable buttermilk drinks and improve our health with its
divine qualities.

Ambalakshmy Prabhakar
Santhigram Wellness Kerala Ayurveda.

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